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Teulon Elementary School engages students to become active learners preparing to achieve their potential

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February saw TES students reading a grand total of 777 books! This means that every student gets to take one seedling home this week, and then plant one at school. Pansies, snap dragons, lemon balm, coleus, bachelor buttons, and sage were all neatly planted, packed, and labelled for shipment so keep an eye on your child’s backpack!

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Valentine’s Day

As we approach the 100th day of school, February is a busy (not to mention exciting) month packed with activities to promote literacy, creativity, and friendship. Specifically, we know Valentine’s Day is one annual festivity on parents’ minds. Please note that to stay with in provincial expectations and guidelines, our classrooms will not be handing out Valentines in the traditional sense. We ask that you understand and respect our wishes to keep things safe, practical, and sensible for our school… Read More

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